A Snapshot of Calving 2014

While Snapshot has really been about using the prompts to take a look at our everyday life and do some daily documentation on a broad range of the little details, I have been working on a wonderful little side project with a much more specific focus. Our daily life is absolutely immersed in the ins and outs of calving season, so that is exactly what I’ve been documenting.  Shall we say that calving season has not always been my favourite thing, and at times has meant nothing but frustration and tears but this year I think we have struck a really wonderful balance. We have fabulous help around the place and my boys are both at a lovely age where they can find things to entertain themselves while in the calf shed, some of which even helps get the job done. It’s also the first calving season I’ve had where I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding and that especially has made a world of difference. Hallelujah to no morning queasiness and finally experiencing a normal level of  exhaustion for a change. I’ve taken my Snapshot prompts and turned them into this mini. It is my little reminder that calving season can indeed be enjoyable and not all stressful (just in case I need the reminder in future years).01102014_1SnapshotofCalving

In preparation for Supplies on Hand I also took on the challenge of delving into my scrapbooking stash and see how far I could stretch myself. I had a set of papers that were at one time a Cardmakers Creative Pack from Hot Off the Press., which I had maybe used two or three papers from, since I bought it in 2006, and they now happen to be this fabulous mini book. Yup I used the whole pad! Woo Hoo.01102014_2SnapshotofCalvingIt’s called Earth’s Palette and has a bunch of lovely papers in Oranges, Browns and Blues, that compliment the tone of my photos so very well. It also came with three or four sheets of cut-out embellishments such as tags and borders and the like which compliment the paper line. Not only did I get to use all of this paper pad but I made a definite reduction in another 8 x 8 pad which had some similarly toned papers. I had to kept reminding myself that even when I wanted to hold something back for another project that it was a better idea to just use it. Perfect projects rarely come along and there will always be more wonderful, beautiful papers out there that will work for them when they do.01102014_3SnapshotofCalvingI am yet to add in my titles (the prompts) or my journaling which I wrote in my handy Book of Prompts that came as a download in the class. It seems to have been misplaced somewhere so I’ll just have to suffice with pretty pictures until I find it You know it’s probably buried under the mountain of scrap supplies that are on my desk right now.

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