AFL Grand Final 2014

I cannot believe that I am actually writing this post – my how we change with the times. This past weekend, my lovely hubby and I took off to Melbourne for the day to be part of the spectacle that is the AFL Grand Final. I think perhaps that I was a bit more excited about the football than he was, which is really saying something, considering the fact that if you’d talked to me about football ten years ago, I would have zoned out, seven years ago my eyes would have glazed over, mentioned it five years ago I might have politely nodded my head but if you’d talked to me in the last twelve months I might have shared a little in your excitement.29092014_1AFLGrandFinal29092014_0AFLGrandFinalAfter our Swanky Melbourne Getaway I’ve certainly become a bit more of a supporter. Catching a live game at AFL level is so much more exciting than being a distracted television viewer at home (or in my case the in-laws). The atmosphere at a live game is just phenomenal and when you bring it to Grand Final level, man it’s just awesome. The whole place was electric. I loved the pre-game atmosphere and met some really fantastic people both during and after the game. It’s pretty cool how having a common interest connects people.29092014_2AFLGrandFinal29092014_3AFLGrandFinal29092014_6AFLGrandFinal29092014_7AFLGrandFinalOur seats were to the right, behind the goals, just five rows from the front making it the perfect possie to catch all the action of some great goals. We were also right next door to the cheer squad who were entertaining in there own right but dare I say that my favourite supporters would have to be these lovely ladies who got in on the pre-game entertainment. Yes that is Sir Tom Jones on the big screen and yes those are what you think they are, one says Tom and the other says Buddy – love your sense of humor girls!

That last game we went to was also Swans versus Hawks and while the Swans kept it pretty tight it was a case of so close and yet so far… and this time well it was a little more far than close but still – Go the Swans!

29092014_8AFLGrandFinal 29092014_9AFLGrandFinal29092014_4AFLGrandFinal29092014_5AFLGrandFinal 29092014_10AFLGrandFinal 29092014_11AFLGrandFinal29092014_12AFLGrandFinal 29092014_13AFLGrandFinal 29092014_14AFLGrandFinal 29092014_15AFLGrandFinal 29092014_16AFLGrandFinal

While it may not have been our day on the ground, it was certainly worth the day out to get off farm and spend some quality time with my wonderful husband. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.

How did you spend Grand Final day?

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