Studio Calico Pen & Paper

Pen & Paper has been really challenging me. Laura has managed to pull together some fabulous content that has at times confronted and inspired me. Let’s just say if your into writing and want some quality journaling this will help you get there. This one is going to take a bit longer to simmer than my Snapshot project and I have so many ideas inspired from both the class content and the other fabulous people in the class. I managed to make a hybrid layout with one of the layout templates designed by Shanna Noel that is included with the class. It works for both an Inspired Scrapbooking prompt and a Pen & Paper prompt. Ah multitasking, what fun.26092014_1Pen & PaperI’ve been meaning to do a layout about our bedtime routine now for a while especially since I captured our morning routine on this layout here. Clearly my boys are quite a bit older now but it’s still something I’m sure I will look back on when they are older and want to know. Often the choice of songs we sing changes in either order or which one we sing but we always finish with “Jesus Loves Me” and I just love little things like that, that remain consistent over time. 26092014_2Pen & PaperSince this is a hybrid layout the only thing I really did was just make an extra banner and stick it up on some pop dots. then add my choice of papers and the photo. Its beautiful in it’s simplicity.26092014_3Pen & Paper

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