Usually when it comes to scrapping I just do my own thing. Old stories, new stories, just for fun layouts, the “big stuff” and the “small stuff” all come tumbling out into my albums at once with no real impetus other than my desire to document life. I find my inspiration from all manner of sources and seasons and generally they’re of the free access variety – blogs, pinterest, challenges, life. SC_CS Snapshot 01 Words

Lately however I seem to have come down with a special scrappy bug that has me taking a bunch of classes one after the other from various sources. You know I’ve been participating in Super Stashbusters and Inspired Scrapbooking at BPC. Well at the end of August I also signed up to spend my September doing my first classes through Studio Calico; Snapshot with April Foster and Pen & Paper with Laura Kurz. They were a mere US$15 each when bundled in the Words & Photos package and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out a new-to-me resource. SC_Snapshot_06_Loaded.

Being that this time of year is super busy I have been attempting some everyday documentation with my prompts for Snapshot, if for no other reason than to improve my camera skills, but I certainly haven’t kept up with it, or even posted anything to the gallery yet. With all that’s been going on I knew I wasn’t going to manage the photo a day aspect so I’ve just been capturing what I can, when I can. Some of the shots have been really fantastic and will probably end up on my regular pages at some point, these ones are just a sampling of what I’m capturing. I love how you can get some surprising results when you actually go looking for a specific prompting.SC CS Snapshot 12 Daily. Clearly there’s been a lot of focus on the work that’s going on around here at the moment but the daily life stuff is also making an appearance and I seem to have a particular fascination with a bit of lens flare as you can see in the first two images. It’s certainly proving to be a lot of fun.

20092014_4SnapshotLooking forward to next month I have another class in a new-to-me location over at Craft with May. It’s called Supplies on Hand and run by the super inspiring May Flaum and a bunch of talented designers including some of my favs Ashli Oliver and Shimmelle Laine. It’s another use what you have kind of class which seems to be a common ailment with this particular scrappy bug.

SC CS Snapshot 11_Worn The well worn path to the calf shed

Where are your favourite places for taking classes online? Who are your favourite instructors?


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