Inspired Rituals

When I logged into the classroom at BPC at the beginning of September I was so cheered to see that the theme for the month was Rituals. Not 24 hours earlier I had been working on this page. Black and white and pops of yellow seem to be a bit of a trend in the colour department and I was totally in the mood to use that colour combo for myself. Unfortunately I got a little stuck on what exactly to journal about. I knew I wanted to base it on stuff that is part of my every-day and I love that quote on the Pebbles journaling card that says “We are what we repeatedly do” but how do you incorporate that into a story and what story do you tell… enter Stacy Julian. Not once has she failed to inspire me in so, so many ways during this class and like an answer to prayer her wonderful resources came right when I needed it and I had the perfect topic to compliment my layout.

15092014_1InspiredRitualsBecause Inspired Scrapbooking had it’s seed in Stacy’s class Twelve back in 2012 she often references materials from that class too. For this month she shared an audio message that was part of the theme of Rituals in Twelve. One part that really resonated with me was a quote from Maryam Henein, (who Stacy explained runs a workshop called Spelling It Out: Creating Contemporary Ritual ) that differentiated between the meaning of ritual and habit. I love the distinction she makes and took that as the basis for forming my own ideas on ritual for my journaling.




So many great nuggets in there, it made me wonder what do I do that is intentional, that I turn into ceremony, that is highly participatory? The first thing that came to mind is how I like to drink certain things, at certain times of day in quite specific fashions, not because their is any value in drinking that particular drink at that time but because of the ceremony involved in the process of doing so. My morning cup sets me up for the day, my breakfast cup keeps pace with the speed of my day and my evening cup tells me it’s time to rest and just enjoy. Then I pondered what sort of rituals I like to engage in on a weekly basis and how they speak about who and what’s important to me. It was a really interesting exercise to engage in and definitely an interesting snapshot of where I am in my life.

15092014_3InspiredRituals15092014_4InspiredRitualsWhat ideas does the quote spark for you? I’d love to hear them

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