Mollie Makes Photography

When I read that Shimelle would be guest editor of Mollie Makes Photography it piqued my curiosity. Mollie Makes is full of glorious crafty goodness, but put Shimelle, Mollie Makes and Photography together and I can’t help but be a little enthusiastic. I love reading Shimelle’s blog and think she is super talented. By no means does this promise to be a photography mag for professional photographers, Shimelle said  “If you’re making your living shooting photos… this is probably not your book. But if taking photos and surrounding yourself with photos is something you enjoy, then you might find this book right up your street.” and I couldn’t agree more. Mollie Makes Photography is a wonderful mag for crafty types08092014_1MollieMakesPhotographyEspecially if you’re immersed in blog culture and looking to find out more from others with a similar passion for improving their imagery. This is a fabulous resource. I picked up a number of tips on styling shoots and was inspired by some of the really awesome projects contributors had to share. If you’ve spent time around scrapbook bloggers, food bloggers or crafty/lifestyle bloggers you may even recognize a name or two.

08092014_3MollieMakesPhotographyBe sure to grab yourself a copy and enjoy a lovely cuppa while you drink it all in.

What’s one thing that has inspired you to get better at your craft lately?

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