Stashbusting: Kickin’ it Old School

Since my own personal mantra for this class is “use up the old” I’m kickin’ it old school on my layout for our second challenge. My papers are circa 2003, my story is from 2006 and the embellishments are a mix of new and old. Our challenge was to do a grid style layout and I took my cue from Paperclipping Episode 211:I Cannot Take a Good Selfie when Noelle read a question (time stamp 1:04:26) from the fabulous Katie Scott and asked if any of the panelists had their own Lollipop Shadow Die, a manual die set that she thought she’d use forever and ever, but now can’t stand. 01092014_1KickinItOldSchool

May Flaum answered that her personal Lollipop Shadow Die was Slide Mounts, that in fact she had them in every colour of the rainbow and had not once used even one on a layout. I bought mine with the intention of using them on an off the page project and maybe I did, but maybe I didn’t. I do know that I used one in a gift album but it certainly hasn’t been a feature item in my scrapbooks and in my defense I didn’t take things as far as May. Luckily for me I am a fairly cautious purchaser and tend to not jump on trends with gusto so the slide mounts in my collection are in sedate shades of black and white and were housed with two similarly shaped frames in pink and yellow from who knows where (probably a freebie with a magazine I’m guessing). But the conversation did remind me that there were some languishing away in the recess of my scrap stash and that it was about time I pulled them out. I decided on starting with the pink frame and white slide mounts and seeing where the would take me.01092014_3KickinItOldSchoolWhen I discovered a lovely pink and teal metallic paper in my pink patterned paper stash, pink and teal seemed to be the order of the day and what could be more appropriate than to scrapbook something wedding related with all that girly pink going on. My best friend got married in 2006 and we, her bridesmaids, had a great deal of fun throwing her multiple bridal events, this particular evening was dinner out just the four of us and going to what passed for night-life in our little town (aka going to a dodgy bar). The memories were fun but the photos on the other hand weren’t so fantastic. Some had a weird colour cast and some were quite blurry. My original intention was to have the pictures viewed through the slide mount but when I trialed it the whole page just looked too busy and a bit odd because of the quality of the images. Putting the photos on the inside of the slide mounts allowed for a far more attractive design and gave me the added bonus of somewhere to journal about each particular one. 01092014_2KickinItOldSchoolI used a typewriter font for the small phrases on the outside of each slide mount just to get the viewer intrigued about what might be behind. I also managed to get some more ready-made embellishments on this one too and really like the addition of that negative image of a butterfly and some cute stickers.

Whats your’ Lollipop Shadow Die?


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