AFL Grand Final 2014

I cannot believe that I am actually writing this post – my how we change with the times. This past weekend, my lovely hubby and I took off to Melbourne for the day to be part of the spectacle that is the AFL Grand Final. I think perhaps that I was a bit more excited about the football than he was, which is really saying something, considering the fact that if you’d talked to me about football ten years ago, I would have zoned out, seven years ago my eyes would have glazed over, mentioned it five years ago I might have politely nodded my head but if you’d talked to me in the last twelve months I might have shared a little in your excitement.29092014_1AFLGrandFinal29092014_0AFLGrandFinalAfter our Swanky Melbourne Getaway I’ve certainly become a bit more of a supporter. Catching a live game at AFL level is so much more exciting than being a distracted television viewer at home (or in my case the in-laws). The atmosphere at a live game is just phenomenal and when you bring it to Grand Final level, man it’s just awesome. The whole place was electric. I loved the pre-game atmosphere and met some really fantastic people both during and after the game. It’s pretty cool how having a common interest connects people.29092014_2AFLGrandFinal29092014_3AFLGrandFinal29092014_6AFLGrandFinal29092014_7AFLGrandFinalOur seats were to the right, behind the goals, just five rows from the front making it the perfect possie to catch all the action of some great goals. We were also right next door to the cheer squad who were entertaining in there own right but dare I say that my favourite supporters would have to be these lovely ladies who got in on the pre-game entertainment. Yes that is Sir Tom Jones on the big screen and yes those are what you think they are, one says Tom and the other says Buddy – love your sense of humor girls!

That last game we went to was also Swans versus Hawks and while the Swans kept it pretty tight it was a case of so close and yet so far… and this time well it was a little more far than close but still – Go the Swans!

29092014_8AFLGrandFinal 29092014_9AFLGrandFinal29092014_4AFLGrandFinal29092014_5AFLGrandFinal 29092014_10AFLGrandFinal 29092014_11AFLGrandFinal29092014_12AFLGrandFinal 29092014_13AFLGrandFinal 29092014_14AFLGrandFinal 29092014_15AFLGrandFinal 29092014_16AFLGrandFinal

While it may not have been our day on the ground, it was certainly worth the day out to get off farm and spend some quality time with my wonderful husband. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.

How did you spend Grand Final day?


Studio Calico Pen & Paper

Pen & Paper has been really challenging me. Laura has managed to pull together some fabulous content that has at times confronted and inspired me. Let’s just say if your into writing and want some quality journaling this will help you get there. This one is going to take a bit longer to simmer than my Snapshot project and I have so many ideas inspired from both the class content and the other fabulous people in the class. I managed to make a hybrid layout with one of the layout templates designed by Shanna Noel that is included with the class. It works for both an Inspired Scrapbooking prompt and a Pen & Paper prompt. Ah multitasking, what fun.26092014_1Pen & PaperI’ve been meaning to do a layout about our bedtime routine now for a while especially since I captured our morning routine on this layout here. Clearly my boys are quite a bit older now but it’s still something I’m sure I will look back on when they are older and want to know. Often the choice of songs we sing changes in either order or which one we sing but we always finish with “Jesus Loves Me” and I just love little things like that, that remain consistent over time. 26092014_2Pen & PaperSince this is a hybrid layout the only thing I really did was just make an extra banner and stick it up on some pop dots. then add my choice of papers and the photo. Its beautiful in it’s simplicity.26092014_3Pen & Paper


Usually when it comes to scrapping I just do my own thing. Old stories, new stories, just for fun layouts, the “big stuff” and the “small stuff” all come tumbling out into my albums at once with no real impetus other than my desire to document life. I find my inspiration from all manner of sources and seasons and generally they’re of the free access variety – blogs, pinterest, challenges, life. SC_CS Snapshot 01 Words

Lately however I seem to have come down with a special scrappy bug that has me taking a bunch of classes one after the other from various sources. You know I’ve been participating in Super Stashbusters and Inspired Scrapbooking at BPC. Well at the end of August I also signed up to spend my September doing my first classes through Studio Calico; Snapshot with April Foster and Pen & Paper with Laura Kurz. They were a mere US$15 each when bundled in the Words & Photos package and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out a new-to-me resource. SC_Snapshot_06_Loaded.

Being that this time of year is super busy I have been attempting some everyday documentation with my prompts for Snapshot, if for no other reason than to improve my camera skills, but I certainly haven’t kept up with it, or even posted anything to the gallery yet. With all that’s been going on I knew I wasn’t going to manage the photo a day aspect so I’ve just been capturing what I can, when I can. Some of the shots have been really fantastic and will probably end up on my regular pages at some point, these ones are just a sampling of what I’m capturing. I love how you can get some surprising results when you actually go looking for a specific prompting.SC CS Snapshot 12 Daily. Clearly there’s been a lot of focus on the work that’s going on around here at the moment but the daily life stuff is also making an appearance and I seem to have a particular fascination with a bit of lens flare as you can see in the first two images. It’s certainly proving to be a lot of fun.

20092014_4SnapshotLooking forward to next month I have another class in a new-to-me location over at Craft with May. It’s called Supplies on Hand and run by the super inspiring May Flaum and a bunch of talented designers including some of my favs Ashli Oliver and Shimmelle Laine. It’s another use what you have kind of class which seems to be a common ailment with this particular scrappy bug.

SC CS Snapshot 11_Worn The well worn path to the calf shed

Where are your favourite places for taking classes online? Who are your favourite instructors?

The Birthday Edition

I recently had my Birthday and was blessed to receive many wonderful scrappy goodies from my family. Since I thought you’d be the kind of people to appreciate a good scrapbooking haul I thought you wouldn’t mind me sharing with you and also to say a public thank you to Mere, Katherine & My boys for your generosity and thoughtfulness. 22092014_1TheBirthdayEdition 22092014_2TheBirthdayEdition 22092014_3TheBirthdayEditionI can’t get enough of all that glittery stuff from Heidi Swapp and my sister has hit it out of the park for the second year running with that lovely collection of Typo papers and Kaisercraft stamps. The one that I’m really itching to get into though is all those beautiful Shimelle goodies that my boys gave me, all that teal and pink be still my beating heart! Be sure to keep an eye out for some fresh new layouts that use up these lovely supplies, aren’t they Yummy!

Inspired Rituals

When I logged into the classroom at BPC at the beginning of September I was so cheered to see that the theme for the month was Rituals. Not 24 hours earlier I had been working on this page. Black and white and pops of yellow seem to be a bit of a trend in the colour department and I was totally in the mood to use that colour combo for myself. Unfortunately I got a little stuck on what exactly to journal about. I knew I wanted to base it on stuff that is part of my every-day and I love that quote on the Pebbles journaling card that says “We are what we repeatedly do” but how do you incorporate that into a story and what story do you tell… enter Stacy Julian. Not once has she failed to inspire me in so, so many ways during this class and like an answer to prayer her wonderful resources came right when I needed it and I had the perfect topic to compliment my layout.

15092014_1InspiredRitualsBecause Inspired Scrapbooking had it’s seed in Stacy’s class Twelve back in 2012 she often references materials from that class too. For this month she shared an audio message that was part of the theme of Rituals in Twelve. One part that really resonated with me was a quote from Maryam Henein, (who Stacy explained runs a workshop called Spelling It Out: Creating Contemporary Ritual ) that differentiated between the meaning of ritual and habit. I love the distinction she makes and took that as the basis for forming my own ideas on ritual for my journaling.




So many great nuggets in there, it made me wonder what do I do that is intentional, that I turn into ceremony, that is highly participatory? The first thing that came to mind is how I like to drink certain things, at certain times of day in quite specific fashions, not because their is any value in drinking that particular drink at that time but because of the ceremony involved in the process of doing so. My morning cup sets me up for the day, my breakfast cup keeps pace with the speed of my day and my evening cup tells me it’s time to rest and just enjoy. Then I pondered what sort of rituals I like to engage in on a weekly basis and how they speak about who and what’s important to me. It was a really interesting exercise to engage in and definitely an interesting snapshot of where I am in my life.

15092014_3InspiredRituals15092014_4InspiredRitualsWhat ideas does the quote spark for you? I’d love to hear them

A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

I’ve been out of commission for the past week with a toothache that slammed-me-into-the-ground. It affected my work, my home-life, my sleep and absolutely affected my sanity. I’d say it rated up there with being in pre-labour for five days. Yeah it was pretty ouchie (yep I said ouchie, #itsamumthing). So I’m playing a little late with the Jot Magazine August Something Board, so late in fact that I wasn’t able to link up this month, but hey I’d rather play late than not at all. The Something Board is a new a mood board concept they’ve come up with beginning with August’s board. It’s based on the old wedding rhyme of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. This month’s Something board was the phrase10092014_1ALittleSomethingSomethingOh yeah I’m so down with that. I managed to snag myself a 12 x 12 paper pad of Heidi Swapp’s Hello Today collection on a recent shopping trip and immediately knew which paper I’d be choosing for this layout, bring on those BOLD triangle’s I say.

10092014_2ALittleSomethingSomethingThrow in a Stashbusters challenge to use older supplies with newer supplies, something old something new…ha ha ha, and since I was already on the something train I just added it to the mix. Admittedly Heidi had already done most of the work for me on the Stripey, Bold and Glittery portion of things so all I was left to do was add in some finishing touches of gold & such and call it good. 10092014_4ALittleSomethingSomething10092014_5ALittleSomethingSomethingMost of the paper on this layout is new but as far as embellishments – we go way back. I’m talking 2002/2003. The first thing I pulled out from my older item stash was the awesome gold tags from Paper Pizzaz which I’ve been using quite a bit lately, they’re totally making a comeback in my ol’ scraproom and I just can’t seem to get enough of these, good thing I hoarded a few packets then. I also added a bunch of shaped brads, one of the side challenges a few of the girls in Stashbusters had going on was to see if they could make a dent in their brads (or similar) stash during the class. Can’t say I used a bunch during the class but I did manage to get them in here. I also used some shaped buttons, a Making Memories circle tag and a button from God only knows when to round out the embellishment cluster, even sneaking in a new glitter button just because it was so fabulous.

I really wanted this layout to be all about being grateful and the Hello Today line is so perfect for that. So I let this lovely chipboard piece act as my title. The journalling is from early 2013 when I really needed to make gratitude part of my daily practice and to be honest I’m in need of a little refresher now too, so this was good timing to get it on a layout.

10092014_3ALittleSomethingSomethingOnce I had all the little bits down I decided what I really needed was a little more glitter so I cut frames from some silver glitter paper to make the photos really stand out. The pics were taken on mothers day during an impromptu trip to the local beach and it was absolutely a day filled with gratitude. 10092014_6ALittleSomethingSomethingI’m really excited about this new mood board concept they’ve come up with and can’t wait to see what they have in store this month.

Care to share what you’ve been feeling grateful about lately?