When the Stories the Thing: Nan’s Dressing Table

One of my enduring memories of my paternal grandmother was her dressing table. I don’t recall her being a fashionista or anything like that but she was quite respectably put together and her dressing table always struck me as elegant and to my young mind so very grown up and sophisticated. Particularly the silver brush that always sat upon it. She passed away when I was only twelve but that image still lingers in my mind as being quintessentially her.

She was an author, a historian and had been involved in the theatre so I suppose there was a little bit of a sense of awe and mystery about her that struck a chord with my own writing/ memory keeping/ drama loving self who was only just discovering to find that passion for the arts. She wrote in a different way to me but what connects us both is that desire to tell stories, our own, those of our forebears and others. I’m lucky in that she’s told some of her own stories and had gone to great lengths to find out those further down the family line but I’ve never recorded anything about her in my own scrapbooks. I thought it was well and truly about time I did. Her dressing table was a natural starting point because it’s one of the things that always comes to mind when I think of her.29082014_1WhenStoriesTheThingI really wanted the focus of this layout to be on that story. It’s such an important one for me to tell that I really kept the embellishing to a bare minimum for this layout. It almost feels like a bit of a departure from my usual scrapbooking style because it’s so very understated, but in light of my goals for Super Stashbusters every time I kept flicking through my old Paper Pizzazz Ephemera Books I kept seeing that silver brush image. 29082014_2WhenStoriesTheThingLikewise the stamped image that you can barely see  framing my journaling is one that I keep thinking I want to use but was never quite sure what kind of layout I would use it on. Since I didn’t want my embellishing to overshadow my story in any way I choose to stamp it in Versamark Watermark ink and appreciate the subtlety and elegance it adds to the page.29082014_3WhenStoriesTheThing The photos are not actually of my grandmother but are similar to ones in her home and help to evoke the feeling and era that I associate with my grandmother as a younger woman. Since I don’t have any photos or ephemera of hers readily accesible to me I really wanted to convey the elegance of that dressing table in the imagery that I choose to help to reiterate the theme of my story.

I would love to sit with her now and talk all about the things she discovered as a historian and pick her brain on her method and practice of writing but those stories are no longer able to be told which makes it all the more fascinating to me. Yet another reason to want to make sure that I got this story down in my scrapbook, and yet another reason I love this practise and craft of scrapbooking.

What images do you associate with loved ones of your own?


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