Around Here

  27082014_1HappeningRoundHere27082014_2HappeningRoundHere27082014_3HappeningRoundHere 27082014_4HappeningRoundHere27082014_5HappeningRoundHere27082014_6HappeningRoundHere27082014_7HappeningRoundHere 27082014_8HappeningRoundHere27082014_9HappeningRoundHere 27082014_10HappeningRoundHereWe celebrated with pig cake.

We finished off the season with good food, good friends and a fabulous view.

We said goodbye to those good friends.

A pair of sea eagles have been sighted frequently above the dam

The hubby and I took off for a swanky Melbourne getaway, just us.

I watched my very first live AFL game during that swanky getaway and loved it.

My boy is becoming such a wonderful helper.

We’ve been fixing, tinkering and building in preparation for our busy period.

It’s still pretty cold and frosty.

Calving season is upon us.

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