The Silly Season is Upon Us

It’s official we are now in the thick of the Silly Season around here. Now I know for some of you the Silly Season may refer to that time just before Christmas when everyone is in a mad rush decorating , shopping, creating and all around going a little nutty with Christmas preparations but I can assure you that is not what I’m referring to. For us the Silly Season means that time in late Winter to Spring when the calves start dropping like crazy and we all go a little silly. You might picture something a little like this…27082014_1TheSillySeasonSerene calves, beds of hay, well-fed glossy creatures, cuteness galore. Whereas for me it’s a little bit more like this…21082014_2TheSillySeasonFrenetic, calves jostling, being sucked on, not knowing which way is up and a little unfocused at times. There’s plenty of this…21082014_3TheSillySeasonbuckets upon buckets upon buckets of milk.SCCS Snapshot16 Upside Down. Sometimes I get my priorities a litand then there’s always the normal day to day stuff going on – juggling motherhood and calves and housework and everything in between that makes up the usual routine. The transition to calving season is always a difficult one, our workload goes from nothing to flat out and we all get tired, emotional and a bit stressed, but once we find our rhythm and get into the swing of things it all evens out and settles down. I do have a few classes lined up in the next few months so I’ll be sharing some layouts from those but just in case you’re wondering why things may get a little quieter around here it’s because I’m in the calf shed looking after my babies (all 200 of them, at least that’s what we’re expecting).

How do you handle busy periods and scrapbooking?

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