Melbourne Meet Up

So we’re in the second week of Super Stashbusters at Big Picture Classes and I am loving it. Aly Dosdall has really packed the classroom with such wonderful stuff. For each challenge we get a couple of example layouts one by Aly and another from a guest designer, a sketch, a layered template, bonus handouts, a process video and depending on if the design calls for it – even a cut file or two . Our first Challenge was to use three different sets of odd embellishments and cluster them.

It goes without saying that I love scrapbooking, but like quite a few people I have developed a side hobby or acquiring scrapbooking product too. When taking Organizing Fundamentals last year I went through every single item in my stash, deciding what to keep and what to move along. It helped me re-discover a whole bunch of stories that I’d bought supplies for and still wanted to tell and it also showed me that I still love quite a few older items. As part of playing along with each Super Stashbusters challenge I’ve set myself a few mini challenges along the way.

1. I want those cute supplies I love off my shelves and into my albums  .

2. I want to use/re-purpose ready-to-go things as much as possible.

I’m not sure if you have ever been crippled by the thought of “it’s too pretty to use” or if you hoard scraps like there will never be more paper, or if like me you cut up those cute cut-apart sheets/papers and then never think to use the cut-outs. I have done each of these at times and that’s really what I want to focus on when putting these pages together. The hoarded, the pre-made and the “too pretty” are all getting a look in here. So far the challenges have been specific enough to be achievable but broad enough for me to be able to add in my own challenges.

13082014_1MelbourneMeetUpBy giving myself constraints it made my first page super quick to put together because I used a bunch of elements I’d already cut/made for other projects that got left behind. That banner in particular has been waiting for just the right layout for some time. I think I made it for a layout about my 30th birthday so it’s been dressing up my scrap space, just hanging off some decor, for a couple of years now . Needless to say I started this one with the product and then went looking for a story to fill the design,sticking pretty close to the sketch but adding an extra photo.

13082014_3MelbourneMeetUp There is often no rhyme or reason as to what will spark a page for me: the story, the photos, the product, the design, simply wanting to play or anything else but product is often lower on the list and the story is always the end goal. Like I said before the desire to use specific product started this layout, the design then dictated where things would go, which led me to look for smaller photos and Whamo! I had my story. I found a couple of pics that had been taken with a phone camera and emailed to me (and therefore had a lower resolution) making them just perfect to fit this design. 13082014_4MelbourneMeetUpThe finishing touch for me was adding in a few sequins. Lets talk about hoarding tendencies – quite a number of these were from my dance costumes back in the day and others acquired from various crafty projects over the years. It’s kinda cool that I get to use up supplies and be on trend at the same time.

Any suggestions on how to use old supplies on your layout?

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