Parenting Win: Don’t get mad, get a photo

I have just been introduced to a wonderful new blog Coffee + Crumbs via Elise Blaha-Cripe’s podcast Elise gets Crafty. It is so refreshing to hear these tales of motherhood without the sheen and gloss that you hear in so many other places. These women are real and magnificent in their honesty and I so love that. I love that they want to create a community of mothers who aren’t afraid to get real. Because some days parenting is rough and some days you just need to learn to laugh at yourself.

04082014_1CaughtOnCameraThis layout was inspired by one of those days. I must admit that my initial reaction most of the time is to be flustered by the disarray my kids create and having to pick up yet another ‘unnecessary mess’. I mean it’s great that you want to play trains but really do you have to tip out the entire box to do so and why yes I really appreciate you un-folding that laundry that I finally found time to fold, cos it’s just my favourite job. Yeah I am very much still learning in the parenting department. On this occasion Joseph had somehow found his way into the flour bin when I was otherwise occupied at the other end of the house. When I returned I found him covered in a lovely white coating and looking as pleased as punch with himself.

Instead of flying into a flurry of clean-the-kid, clean-the-floor, clean-it-up madness I grabbed my camera and snapped away taking gorgeous photos of my baby boy and that cheeky smile. When I dusted him off I was left with this – would ya just look at those foot prints – I die. That is utter cuteness right there.04082014_2CaughtOnCamera

My design for this one was inspired by the lovely Stacy Julian of Big Picture Classes, during her class with Jennifer Wilson The Art + Science of Scrapbooking which I took last September. She invited us to fill an entire 12×12 with photos and use washi and paint as our only embellishment. Elements which I then carried over onto the other side of the layout. Add in an acetate film strip that I’d been hoarding forever and a few additional stickers and I was done.

04082014_3CaughtOnCamera 04082014_4CaughtOnCameraNot only do I find this layout super cute but it reminds me of a parenting win every time I look at it and that is never a bad thing. You can find more of Elise here and check out Stacy at BPC or her blog. I’m currently taking her Inspired Scrapbooking class and it is so much FUN (ps this is also our theme for the month and you can still register for the year long class if you want.

Had a parenting win, or care to share some pointers to encourage others out there? I’d love for you to leave me a comment.



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