Preventing Overwhelm: Go with the flow of life

Day to Day

So in my last post I talked about how going-with-the-flow-of-life might look in terms of the broader picture. I spoke on the effect that different seasons and stages have had on my own scrapping process and how those changes in what’s happening in life overall affected my scrapbooking. Today I wanted to break it down a little bit more and give you more of day-to-day look of how seasons and stages can affect scrapbooking process and how you can help prevent overwhelm by making your scrapbooking work with the flow of your life not against it.


To reiterate – in my current life stage I am (mostly) a stay at home mum to two pre-schoolers, but we also run our own farming business, we are in our holiday period for the year but gearing up for our busiest season where everyone on farm is flat-out.

So what does that look like from a practical perspective? Well those incremental windows of time when my boys are occupied or napping means that I can also sneak off to my scrapbooking room and tweak a layout here or write down that bit of journaling there. My scrapbooking time comes in small batches throughout the day and is often interrupted or at best in a state of distraction. If I want to spend a concentrated amount of time on anything it needs to wait until after my kids are in bed, and be balanced with spending time with hubby or other things that need focused attention. It also means I have heaps of fodder for scrapbooking material. This time when they are little seems so fleeting and every little thing they do seems so precious. So having a regular method of capturing those memories and methods of dealing with photographs, memorabilia and stories is essential. I find that my best time for managing the latter is during those distracted periods where I can edit photos or file memorabilia or jot down in-the-moment thoughts for hashing out later.

I also want to foster a love of creating in my kids, so time during the day might also be used to create something together. I’m still learning on how to release creative control here so often the craft of choice is painting or playing with play dough but we have attempted scrapbooking together a few times. Just for the sake of keeping it real at this stage of life scrapbooking is more of a personal sanity saver than a community activity, just sayin’.23072014_3GowiththeFlowofLifeDaydbyDay

I use my concentrated time to refine journaling and do processes that need more attention. Trying to do ‘thinking tasks’ like journaling or making/attaching fiddly page elements or experiment with technique when my kids are around just spells madness for me. I lose my train of thought, or end up with glue/paint/whatever everywhere. Or that thing that I just spent ages fussy cutting, ends up cut in half and pieces of it strewn all over the room. My kids like to grab stuff and look at it or play with it so if it’s something I don’t want them to get at it needs to be out of reach from small hands. I don’t think I’m alone in that one either. Getting mad at my kids for ‘ruining’ a layout is not my idea of fun so I need to make sure my process reflects the stage we’re at and take measures to minimise the opportunity for upset.

As I alluded to before, we’ve essentially been in our holiday period for the year. As far as going with the flow of life, it’s the part of the year where I basically get to spend the most time with my hubby. Farming is an intensive occupation and concentrated time together is limited so we’ve been living it up and just enjoying spending time together, reveling in his company and doing family activities. Scrapbooking has taken a back seat to the family time, which means I haven’t been putting my energies into creating layouts or blogging but instead focusing heaps on the LIVE portion of live. create. love it.

23072014_4GowiththeFlowofLifeDaydbyDayWe’re also gearing up for our busiest season. We’ll be flat out calving and training staff before we know it which means now is also the time to do the things that don’t get attention the rest of the year and set ourselves up for success when the minutia will lose priority over focusing on the bigger picture. Fixing things, cleaning things and organizing are all on the list both in-house and on the farm. In the scraproom I’ve been able to clear out some clutter, tweak a few organizational methods and am putting in place a few measures that will mean I’ll get the most out of my limited scrapbooking time come calving.

How do you fit scrapbooking into your day-to-day?


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