Create It Quick : Steal Your Own Style

Jot Magazine and their mood boards are becoming a bit of a thang for me it would seem. To me they are just the right mix of colour, inspiration and design while still allowing plenty of freedom for self expression and creating in your own or a myriad of different styles, but before I change it up a bit and start on new layouts inspired by their latest mood board I thought I’d share my last layout that was created with the June Mood Board in mind. This layout was super fast to put together. Why was that? I hear you say, because I simply stole ideas from the other layouts I’d already done and repeated them here.

07072014_1CreateItQuickStealYourOwnStyleThis is a simple layout for my sons baby book. I can’t say that I have been the most consistent in doing monthly layouts for either of my sons baby books but then again I’m not particularly fussed about that sort of thing. I figure catching even the occasional snippet of life-as-it-is at a certain age is better than nothing and if I can still remember some of those little details a few months or more down the track – fantastic.

The first steal I did on this layout was taken directly from the background paper which is part of Crate Paper’s DIY Shop collection. I love the images housed in all those speech bubble and wanted to show it off a bit so I could still see the pretty pattern. My steal was to take the idea of housing elements within a dedicated space just like the speech bubbles so I simply grabbed out a bunch of my journaling blocks and stamped them onto silver-grey metallic paper and wrote in my journaling. The joy word stamp and the little dotted flower stamps help to add interest.

07072014_2CreateItQuickStealYourOwnStyleFor my second steal I chose to repeat the clock motif which I used on my Cultivating Quiet Time layout. It’s a bit more of a subtle feature on this one though. While the passing of time is obviously something that you notice with a babies growth it’s not really the feature element here.

07072014_3CreateItQuickStealYourOwnStyleThe title work uses the same gray cardstock and See-D’s Smudgey Keys Alphabet stamp set as I used on my Wedding Planner layout. and I also matted my photo on the same frayed linen fabric and added another gray cotton fabric on top of it to highlight the picture of my beautiful boy. Everything on the layout is designed to draw your eye to those beautiful  big peppers and cute rosy cheeks.

Honestly this layout took about a total of 20-30 minutes to get together because once I had my starting point I just ran with it and since I had the elements already within easy reach it made it so much easier to grab and go. Have you got any tips for putting together quick layouts?


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