The Boy Cousin

We are so blessed to live close to family, in particular some of the boys cousins. Having not grown up near my own extended family I really enjoy the frequency and watching the little interactions these guys have with one another as they grow up. However for the first few years of his life my delightful eldest son was the only boy cousin in the extended family, and after that the only other boy was his brother. So I really wanted to include this story as part of our family documentation. The photos are left over from my 2011 December Daily so they’ve been hanging around my to-be-scrapped folder for a while. I thought they’d work really well for challenge number six of Shimelle’s Crop, using her sketch-to-scrapbook page Fourty-Two as inspiration.

30062014_1aTheBoyCousinI really tried to get those diamond shapes to work for me but in the end decided they just were not my style and so instead went with something a little more me. The premise of the challenge after all was Repeating Simple Shapes, so I just rounded the coners on one side of my rectangles and tiered them behind my photos.

30062014_1bTheBoyCousinIt’s really interesting doing such a concentrated batch of layouts beginning with someone elses style in mind. Little things that aren’t initially apparent when you look at the sketch show up during the process. What I learned from this layout was that I tend to want to put my titles on the left hand side of the page, I just naturally gravitated over to that side and had to do a quick review of where Shimelle actually had her title before I stuck it down in the wrong spot. I’m really happy with this one and I’m really fond of that gorgeous American Craftes Monogram paper I used for the background. It was the perfect compliment to my page.



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