LOVE Memorabilia

I am a big fan of saving little bits and pieces of life and an even bigger fan on including them on my pages. I mentioned in my last post about including my graduation program and memorabilia and I have another memorabila inspired layout to share with you now. The impetus for my next layout was the LOVE balloon that you see in the background. It was given to me by my son and I think it is just so representative of his sweet nature that he thinks of little things like that even at such a young age.30062014_4aYouMeltMeThe balloon itself is clear and the opposite side of if it had exactly the same motif on it so it posed a little bit of a challenge as to how I would be able to stick it down without any visible adhesive. The answer came in the form of spray adhesive. It would provide a thin layer of sticky stuff, be reasonably clear to the eye and give me even coverage without lumps and bumps. It also provided the added benefit of allowing me to smooth the balloon out given that ti had a bit of an uneven curve to it.

30062014_4bYouMeltMeI adorned the corner of the balloon with a simple white flower and use a pink heart brad from my seemingly endless supply of brads to reiterate the love theme. I also used a red and white paper as another element representative of my son. Ever since he was in utero I couldn’t help but buy him white and red things and I think its such a fitting colour for a little guy as fierce and energetic and passionate as he is. The pink is my way of getting a little girly in, in this male dominated house and because all love layouts need a little bit of mushy-ness.

30062014_4cYouMeltMeThis layout is also another example of just using what you’ve got. I originally printed my photos smaller than the space I wanted to fill, but instead of throwing away the smaller set of ‘imperfect’ pics or giving them to my son for his own layouts I simply used them to draw the attention where I wanted it and emphasis my photo strip.

Linking up for Shimelle’s challenge number nine here to scrapbook a scheme with pink.  Will definitely be using some of those lovely pink combo’s sometime in the future.


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