Final Contribution to Shimelle’s Weekend Crop

For my final late night contribution to Shimelle’s Weekend Crop I decided to combine two pieces of inspiration into the one layout. Watching cows go their paddocks is a favourite past time around her. The boys are curious about the cows, the cows are curious about the boys and I love snapping pictures of the both of them.30062014_5aGoodMorningGirls

This is a regular scene around here at this time of year, the girls going single file down the lane to avoid the muddiest, wettest parts, sure makes for fun photography. Even if I do say so myself this morning was a particularly beautiful one with the mist rolling off down the hill and the sun just peeking up for the day. Makes me feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place.30062014_5bGoodMorningGirlsFor the left side of the layout I simply flipped the Half Page Photo challenge ninety degrees so that it would suit my horizontal photo and layered a bunch of paper squares and word strips on the diagonal to highlight my title.

30062014_5cGoodMorningGirlsThe left side was taken from challenge number six All Lined Up to make room for all those lovely photos of my boys watching cows out the window. Each set of photos has been taken over time and in different seasons, but they never seem to tire of watching the ‘moos’ as Joseph calls them. I just love how engaged and interested they are and seriously if I can encourage them now to appreciate the cows then maybe when they get a bit older and are helping on the farm a bit more they will already have developed a love for the animals which will just make it so much more enjoyable for them.30062014_5dGoodMorningGirls 30062014_5eGoodMorningGirlsWhat are you kids into at the moment? What’s their favourite activity to do?


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