Hong Kong Hot Pot

In recent years we’ve had the wonderful privilege of getting to host people from different countries in our home from time to time and part of the fun of having so many people of diverse backgrounds in our lives is that we get to share cultures and experience things that we otherwise wouldn’t. Things like trying new foods. On this particular occasion we got to have our first go at eating Hot-pot. In Asian cultures it’s not unusual at all but I must admit I’d never heard of it before and the concept seemed a little interesting to me. We had to figure out a way to do it without actually having a traditional hot-pot set up and figure out where to source ingredients locally, which was pretty easy once we knew where to look.27062014_1HongKongHotpotI’ve had the hot-pot pics sitting on me desk for about a week or so now but was inspired by Shimelle’s third challenge sketch to bring the design together. Although being the wordy one that I am I couldn’t just stick to the teeny tiny spot of journaling in the original sketch and expanded it out to fill two columns.

27062014_2HongKongHotpot I’m sure our chef for the day has never had one quite like this before, because he included kangaroo meat in it to add a little Aussie flavour. All in all it was pretty well received by both old and young (which surprised me cos I’m not exactly the most adventurous cook, and my little guys can be funny about these things, sometimes). Personally I think we’ll be doing this again in the near future but maybe with a few alterations. 27062014_3HongKongHotpotAnyone who’s had hot pot a few times more than me, got any suggestions for ingredients?


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