Say What!!! Two Peas is closing…

26062014_SayWhatTwoPeasisClosingWhoa this is crazy Two Peas in a Bucket have decided to shut down. Bummer. They were like a scrappy institution. No more Garden Girl videos, no more amazing inspiration, no more crazy message boards. This is a sad, sad day for the scrappy community. They have been one of the most fantastic gathering spots for so many lovely creative scrapbookers, and now with Creating Keepsakes out of print, and Creative Memories reborn as an entirely different entity, some of the very places a lot of us got our initial inspiration and start with this wonderful hobby are gone.

Our scrappy landscape is certainly changing and evolving, as things do. I feel so sad for all those wonderful creatives out there who won’t have a chance to be part of that community anymore. Two Peas in a Bucket was a wonderful source of inspiration for me and I will surely miss all their lovely videos and the amazing talent that was showcased there. Oh please Glitter Girl don’t fade into the ether.

There is certainly a lot of disbelief and shock going around at the moment and I’m sure more than a little mourning for the passing of this wonderful resource. I really feel for the designers especially, who seemed to have found out along with the rest of us. Their talent was certainly not wasted and I will definitely be following along on their blogs to keep up with what they’re doing. Even though it’s really sad when stuff like this happens the resounding response I’m hearing from scrappers is one of gratitude and resilience. We are giving a resounding shout of “We’re not going anywhere!”, I for one am certain that we scrapbookers are here to stay.

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