Shaken it Up with City Life

Just so you don’t think I’m a one trick pony when it comes to inspiration lets throw in something really different. This past weekend Shimelle Laine of held a weekend crop with a total of eleven fabulous challenges to spark some amazing layouts with a bunch of her scrappy friends, including a total of seven inspired by one of her Sketch to Scrapbook Page sketch’s. I thought it would be fun to play along and have a go at as many of them as I can get to. (link ups close on the 30th June but they’re good to use as inspiration anytime). So here’s my take on her first challenge, see the sketch here.

26062014_1ShimelleCrop_Sketch1I actually went to bed and dreamed up this layout before falling asleep on Saturday. For some reason I caught onto the idea of a gold border on my banner piece and teaming it with hot pink and a black & white stripe, oh and I totally wanted to include the hot pink bow. The only black and white stripe I had in my stash was a chevron pattern from the Heritage 12×12 paper pad from Typo so I just went with it.Setting it all against a grey distressed background that totally says concrete to me.

26062014_2ShimelleCrop_Sketch1I didn’t really have a story in mind either when I started, just the colours and the sketch to go on. When I went to grab some hot pink scraps from my scrap binder though, I found the little heart paper and this awesome cityscape paper I’d pinched from my mums scrap stash an eon ago and suddenly there was my story.

26062014_3ShimelleCrop_Sketch1I grew up in regional Victoria but spent three years living in Melbourne when I went to uni and while I’ve scrapped about my uni friends and some other pieces of life stuff from that time I’ve never really jotted down some of the uniquely urban parts of my existence then. This paper really makes me think of graffiti with those pink, black, white and blue splatters and the cityscape looks kind of like a paste-up of Southbank. Since I wanted the buildings to face into the page and not off it I simply swapped the sides they were on in the sketch to suit my layout.

26062014_4ShimelleCrop_Sketch1Instead of just putting my journaling on the front of that main block as per the sketch I also decided to turn it into a pocket to house some memorabilia as well as my journaling. It’s really just a collection of random things like parking receipts from uni, coffee sleeves from a great French inspired bakery down the road, restaurant menus, train tickets and stuff like that from places that I frequented or that I hadn’t had access to before moving to the city. I kinda feel like this is a bit different to my usual style but my uni years albums include quite a few eclectic layout designs because I was studying design at the time and had so much inspiration flying at me from unusual sources.

Have you noticed a significant change in your scrap style over the years? What does it say about your experiences during those times?

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