Jot Magazine June Mood Board

If you’ve seen me on Instagram you may have noticed a hint of how crazy in love with this months Jot Magazine Mood Board I have been and just how much fun I have had putting these layouts together. Heck if you’ve hung around here you know how crazy in love I am with this months mood board. I said I was going ga-ga but I think this has turned into a full-on, full-blown love affair. Me and this mood board were made for each other. I adore absolutely everything about it. The colours, the fabric, the typewritten stamped sentiments. Oh-My-Word. I. Am. In. Love. This was the first (and last) of six layouts for me, and a double pager no less. With all that love going around how could I possibly not scrap about one of the most fun times I’ve had in my life – planning my wedding.

24062014_1JotMagJuneMoodBoardJust to refresh you memory this is what we started with. In all its glorious beauty.

24062014_2JotMagJuneMoodBoardI was completely in my element when planning our wedding and I think I enjoyed the planning as much as the actual day. That time of imagining and refining ideas during a creative spree just makes me crazy happy, whether that’s wedding planning or putting layouts together or some other creative endeavor. Speaking of layouts, this one actually started out as a single page spread but morphed into a double, once I determined I was going to need a whole lot more room for journaling.  I really wanted the story to be a point of focus on this one so I let the embellishments hang around the edges focusing on only a couple of spots to set clusters in.

24062014_3JotMagJuneMoodBoardI used a great See-D’s stamp set called Smudgey Keys Alphabet for my title work and of course that cute little EK Successs Antique Typewriter Lower ABC for the smaller words. The title while obviously pretty explicit about the subject matter of the layout but it is also a nod to one of my favourite movies – The Wedding Planner. The movie kinda became a part of the whole “wedding putting-together” and I still watch it over and over. One of my favourite scenes is at the beginning when the title character comes home after pulling off an amazing wedding and starts folding t-shirts and vacuuming her curtains. It’s supposed to be this sad little vignette about what a lonely life she leads but I just think ‘man I would love to be that organized, she is so on it’. Yes, yes fictional character and all but still its good to have aspirations (and by the way I’ve never vacuumed a curtain in my life). It’s one of those feel-good romantic comedies that are great for just chilling out with and is just another reminder of the wonderful wedding season of my life.

24062014_4JotMagJuneMoodBoardTo draw both of the pages for this double together I pulled inspiration directly from the top half of the mood board and used a white washed wood grain paper from Crate Paper’s DIY Shop as my background and did my own take on the flowers from those cute shoes in the top right image using a simple flower punch and a bit of bling. I also drew on the frayed fabric aspect of the mood board, using it behind both the embellishment cluster and my photos. 24062014_5JotMagJuneMoodBoardThis cluster in the lower right corner of this layout was hands down the most fun bit of putting all these layouts together. It’s a mix of fantastic favorites old, new and ancient. Including a Me & My Big Ideas Walter Knabe rub-on, bits from the Bonjour Collection from Kaisercraft, and some new-to-me additions from their Take Note and Base Coat Collections that I picked up during the week, as well as an ancient Artsy Collage: Masculine paper art image from Hot of the Press.24062014_6JotMagJuneMoodBoard At first I was just going to include the photo I’d snapped of random magazine cuttings and write my journaling on that little strip where I put the title. But once  I determined I was going to need more than the measly amount I had first allotted and stumbled upon some extra photos of pink post-it tabbed wedding mags this page really grew . To rectify the situation I just made a hinged flap to get all of my pics in there while still maintaining the integrity of the original idea and tell a more complete story.

24062014_7JotMagJuneMoodBoardThis layout is going to be a stand out in my Engagement Album, I have a few layouts in there already that use that lovely green, so it’ll fit right in. Have you got a go-to colour at the moment? Whats your favourite?


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