All Things Calm & Quiet

Isn’t it nice when you can just sit and relax in a peaceful and calm environment. Well that’s what this layout is for me. A peaceful resting spot chronically my enjoyment of still mornings and a little calm before the storm of my day getting underway.

24062014_1AllThingsCalmandQuiet I’ve really tried to make it a daily habit of cultivating quiet time before the house gets moving. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t and often it gets interrupted. but it really sets my day up for success when I manage to do it. I get up earlier, I’m a lot more relaxed in myself and things just seem to flow a little more smoothly when I start that way. I felt like my photo was a little to sharp for the calm feeling I wanted to convey on this one so I decided to try and do a bit of a white wash with acrylic paint. I don’t mind how it turned out but since I print at home I think my colours blended just a little more than I originally envisaged, I do think this would be a great technique to use with glossy photos printed from a printing service though. It did however achieve the toned down look I was going for.

24062014_5AllThingsCalmandQuiet24062014_2AllThingsCalmandQuietI kept my embellishments really minimal just to keep that restful feel with a few fussy cut clocks and a little bit of linen and lace as per the moodboard. Although I did want to include that line of scatter hearts across the page to draw the viewers eye over each one of them.

24062014_3AllThingsCalmandQuietThe part I like most on this page is the little teacup and teapot charms on the pinked canvas label. Almost as important as the peacefulness of the morning is the ability to have actually have a hot cup of tea without anyone needing me for anything or wanting me to do anything. Most of the time I end up letting mine go cold because I get distracted by children or housework or just the demands of the day. So this small token is just as symbolic of that little bit of me time as anything.

24062014_4AllThingsCalmandQuietWhat do you like to do to re-set your clock and get your day off on the right foot?


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