Curating for Your Craft

Just like an art gallery curates collections to a certain theme or by a certain artist we can apply the same principles to our scrapbooking. It can start from the very basics of putting a layout together by curating a kit or collection of supplies to how we arrange our albums. For curating a layout your inspiration may begin with a colour combo, a photo, a story or combination of them all as in a mood board.

16062014_1Curating for Your CraftI have gone absolutely ga-ga over the latest Jot Magazine Mood Board for June. The colours and design elements have kept me coming back again and again, four layouts and counting so far (some of which will be showing up here later in the week). I knew from first view that I would be doing a lot of pages inspired by this combo. With that in mind I decided to pull together some of my supplies to inform my page design and draw on that awesome combination of inspiration.

16062014_2Curating for Your Craft

Kim has called this moodboard Minty Linen, if you didn’t catch it at the top of the mood board she says Think lots of natural linens, lace, woven fabrics teamed with fresh minty hues + flowers, stamped alphabets, typewriter fonts and frayed edges”. With that in mind I took a quick rummage through my supplies to see what I could find. So here is my take on the Minty Linen theme:

16062014_3Curating for Your Craft

This is most definitely not going to be all the elements I’ll pull together for these layouts but it does make a great start. I will obviously be adding papers to this and if my design calls for something more I have no qualms about grabbing additional bits and pieces from my never-ending stash. Let’s break it down and see what I gathered:

16062014_4Curating for Your CraftWatch this space to see how I use some of these elements together on a layout. Do you ever curate a collection when you put a layout together?


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