Happening Round Here

13062014_1HappeningRoundHere 13062014_2HappeningRoundHere  13062014_4HappeningRoundHere 13062014_5HappeningRoundHere 13062014_6HappeningRoundHere 8PM Monday - The kids are in bed and the adults are on their com 13062014_8HappeningRoundHere  13062014_10HappeningRoundHere 13062014_11HappeningRoundHere 13062014_12HappeningRoundHere 13062014_13HappeningRoundHere

My boys are growing way too fast.

I got my scrap on for the NSD 10k held by Big Picture Classes.

My cute nephew entered the world.

There was a lot of Italian food being made in my house.

A little bit of painting.

Somebody learned to write their name.

We celebrated someone special.

We finally got enough warm weather to hang clothes outside.

The best mother’s day present.

David took an interest in photography & got me in the picture.

Oh yeah, I started a blog.

Someone learned how to somersault.


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