My Favourite Layout of All Time

I know it’s a pretty huge statement to make but this is potentially my FAVOURITE LAYOUT of ALL TIME. Yeah I know that is a pretty bold thing to say but let me tell you why…

06062014_1OneWasFor me this is the perfect combination of product, composition, photography, & meaning. The blue background paper has been hoarded in my scrap stash for years, as have those lovely metal letters. They definitely fell into the too-beautiful-to-scrap-with category and were waiting around for a special layout to finally get used on. I think the page has a lovely balanced composition and I love the subtlety of the blue and the neutrals because they really let the photographs shine.

06062014_2OneWasThose images are some of my absolute favourites, if I rated my photos they would be my five-star ones for sure. I’m not exactly known for my layering and it is justly not over-embellished as is my style. But more than the simplicity keeps your attention squarely focused on the photos. Not only are they of my favorite people but in and of themselves the individual stories behind them are just loaded with substance.

The first one is of my husband and my eldest son the day after his birth. I was a new mum, in a new state with no support network and the birth while not as traumatic as some was certainly difficult for me. I was feeling lost and vulnerable and unsure. To top it all off my husband came down with severe migraines during that first week and was barely able to leave his hotel room. This photo captures one of the times he felt well enough to come visit us. I was so grateful to him for putting aside his own needs to come and support us and it just speaks volumes about the kind of father he is. If I haven’t said it enough I love this photo.

06062014_3OneWas The other image is of my second son and my father. I am for all time and eternity a Daddy’s Girl. I adore him and I’m pretty sure the feelings mutual. While I always thought he was wonderful, when he became a grandfather it just bought out this whole extra-special endearing quality to him. He loves my boys with a fierce and powerful love. Oh my goodness I cannot relay with words how much I love the way he is with my boys but this photo is a close enough approximation to capturing part of their special relationship. And the other side of it, is I just love Joseph’s delight captured here for all to see. Seriously I think that boy was born joyful. His personality is just captured so beautifully in this one.

I never could have planned the serendipity that bought this one about. When I was participating in Big Picture Classes The Art + Science of Scrapbooking with Jennifer Wilson & Stacy Julian last year one of the challenges we were given was to pick a date and scramble the numbers. The idea was to find another date and then scrap a layout using those two pictures. I would never have intentionally set out to pair these two together otherwise. But I love, love, love that they came together. I was able to capture what these fella’s mean to me and just a snippet of the lessons I have learned because they are part of my life.

06062014_4OneWasThis one is going to be hard to beat – until then it shall remain my favourite layout of all time. What’s your favourite layout? Care to share why its so special?

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