Final Contribution to Shimelle’s Weekend Crop

For my final late night contribution to Shimelle’s Weekend Crop I decided to combine two pieces of inspiration into the one layout. Watching cows go their paddocks is a favourite past time around her. The boys are curious about the cows, the cows are curious about the boys and I love snapping pictures of the both of them.30062014_5aGoodMorningGirls

This is a regular scene around here at this time of year, the girls going single file down the lane to avoid the muddiest, wettest parts, sure makes for fun photography. Even if I do say so myself this morning was a particularly beautiful one with the mist rolling off down the hill and the sun just peeking up for the day. Makes me feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place.30062014_5bGoodMorningGirlsFor the left side of the layout I simply flipped the Half Page Photo challenge ninety degrees so that it would suit my horizontal photo and layered a bunch of paper squares and word strips on the diagonal to highlight my title.

30062014_5cGoodMorningGirlsThe left side was taken from challenge number six All Lined Up to make room for all those lovely photos of my boys watching cows out the window. Each set of photos has been taken over time and in different seasons, but they never seem to tire of watching the ‘moos’ as Joseph calls them. I just love how engaged and interested they are and seriously if I can encourage them now to appreciate the cows then maybe when they get a bit older and are helping on the farm a bit more they will already have developed a love for the animals which will just make it so much more enjoyable for them.30062014_5dGoodMorningGirls 30062014_5eGoodMorningGirlsWhat are you kids into at the moment? What’s their favourite activity to do?


LOVE Memorabilia

I am a big fan of saving little bits and pieces of life and an even bigger fan on including them on my pages. I mentioned in my last post about including my graduation program and memorabilia and I have another memorabila inspired layout to share with you now. The impetus for my next layout was the LOVE balloon that you see in the background. It was given to me by my son and I think it is just so representative of his sweet nature that he thinks of little things like that even at such a young age.30062014_4aYouMeltMeThe balloon itself is clear and the opposite side of if it had exactly the same motif on it so it posed a little bit of a challenge as to how I would be able to stick it down without any visible adhesive. The answer came in the form of spray adhesive. It would provide a thin layer of sticky stuff, be reasonably clear to the eye and give me even coverage without lumps and bumps. It also provided the added benefit of allowing me to smooth the balloon out given that ti had a bit of an uneven curve to it.

30062014_4bYouMeltMeI adorned the corner of the balloon with a simple white flower and use a pink heart brad from my seemingly endless supply of brads to reiterate the love theme. I also used a red and white paper as another element representative of my son. Ever since he was in utero I couldn’t help but buy him white and red things and I think its such a fitting colour for a little guy as fierce and energetic and passionate as he is. The pink is my way of getting a little girly in, in this male dominated house and because all love layouts need a little bit of mushy-ness.

30062014_4cYouMeltMeThis layout is also another example of just using what you’ve got. I originally printed my photos smaller than the space I wanted to fill, but instead of throwing away the smaller set of ‘imperfect’ pics or giving them to my son for his own layouts I simply used them to draw the attention where I wanted it and emphasis my photo strip.

Linking up for Shimelle’s challenge number nine here to scrapbook a scheme with pink.  Will definitely be using some of those lovely pink combo’s sometime in the future.

Uni Graduation

My path to University was a little different to the traditional – finish school and head straight to tertiary education path. Instead I went overseas for a year and then returned home to work and earn some money and get myself established, whatever that means. So in the end I didn’t actually begin my tertiary education until I was 26. By the time I had finished and made it to graduation I was married and seven weeks pregnant with our first child. I was one of only two people in my course who actually attended the graduation ceremony but nevertheless it was still an event I want to have documented in my scrapbooks. I decided to use some of my professional prints to get them used and out on display even though I think they look a little stiff and kept my embellishing to bare minimum to keep them the focus.

30062014_3aUniGraduation 30062014_3bUniGraduation 30062014_3cUniGraduation 30062014_3dUniGraduation I decided not to put any journaling on these pages because my University does graduation on an epic scale and literally have to use a stadium to host all the thousands of graduates and their families in one event. I have a further two layouts after these in my album that share my thoughts and feelings and hold the graduation memorabilia like my program and graduate seating pass etc.

What’s you favourite graduation memory?

Because I’m Happy

Shimelle’s fourth challenge was to use Mist or Ink on a layout. I really haven’t explored this medium very much and have only recently acquired my measly three bottles of Mist. Two Heidi Swapp Colour Shines (White and my favourite Tropicana Teal), and I also have a Sprinklers mist in Lagoon. So, not exactly the widest colour selection – Blue or Blue or White. In any case I really, really like these colours and just set to work figuring out what I could do that was a little different to my usual spray and run technique and this was what I came up with.

30062014_2aBecauseImHappyThe background was created from the negative of a 12 x 12 Kaisercraft Damask template, using both of the blue mists in an attempted ombre effect. First I spritzed through the stencil then laid another piece of white card stock over the top of it to soak up the left over mist. This one was created by following with a second piece of card stock to soak in the very last of the mist still remaining on the stencil. I liked the subtlety of the design and that it wouldn’t easily overwhelm the rest of my design. The Colour Shine mists were both used again on some Colour Magic ephemera pieces but I left most of them nude. I really love that look, especially on a white background.

30062014_2bBecauseImHappyMy layout was inspired by that little Colour Magic ‘happy’ arrow. I have had Pharrell Williams song Happy on repeat in my head, since the first time I heard it. It is just the perfect song for my life right now. I love the positivity and have kind of adopted a hot air balloon as a bit of a symbol this year of reaching new heights and chasing after dreams.30062014_2dBecauseImHappy30062014_2cBecauseImHappyWhat music is inspiring you right now?


The Boy Cousin

We are so blessed to live close to family, in particular some of the boys cousins. Having not grown up near my own extended family I really enjoy the frequency and watching the little interactions these guys have with one another as they grow up. However for the first few years of his life my delightful eldest son was the only boy cousin in the extended family, and after that the only other boy was his brother. So I really wanted to include this story as part of our family documentation. The photos are left over from my 2011 December Daily so they’ve been hanging around my to-be-scrapped folder for a while. I thought they’d work really well for challenge number six of Shimelle’s Crop, using her sketch-to-scrapbook page Fourty-Two as inspiration.

30062014_1aTheBoyCousinI really tried to get those diamond shapes to work for me but in the end decided they just were not my style and so instead went with something a little more me. The premise of the challenge after all was Repeating Simple Shapes, so I just rounded the coners on one side of my rectangles and tiered them behind my photos.

30062014_1bTheBoyCousinIt’s really interesting doing such a concentrated batch of layouts beginning with someone elses style in mind. Little things that aren’t initially apparent when you look at the sketch show up during the process. What I learned from this layout was that I tend to want to put my titles on the left hand side of the page, I just naturally gravitated over to that side and had to do a quick review of where Shimelle actually had her title before I stuck it down in the wrong spot. I’m really happy with this one and I’m really fond of that gorgeous American Craftes Monogram paper I used for the background. It was the perfect compliment to my page.


Hong Kong Hot Pot

In recent years we’ve had the wonderful privilege of getting to host people from different countries in our home from time to time and part of the fun of having so many people of diverse backgrounds in our lives is that we get to share cultures and experience things that we otherwise wouldn’t. Things like trying new foods. On this particular occasion we got to have our first go at eating Hot-pot. In Asian cultures it’s not unusual at all but I must admit I’d never heard of it before and the concept seemed a little interesting to me. We had to figure out a way to do it without actually having a traditional hot-pot set up and figure out where to source ingredients locally, which was pretty easy once we knew where to look.27062014_1HongKongHotpotI’ve had the hot-pot pics sitting on me desk for about a week or so now but was inspired by Shimelle’s third challenge sketch to bring the design together. Although being the wordy one that I am I couldn’t just stick to the teeny tiny spot of journaling in the original sketch and expanded it out to fill two columns.

27062014_2HongKongHotpot I’m sure our chef for the day has never had one quite like this before, because he included kangaroo meat in it to add a little Aussie flavour. All in all it was pretty well received by both old and young (which surprised me cos I’m not exactly the most adventurous cook, and my little guys can be funny about these things, sometimes). Personally I think we’ll be doing this again in the near future but maybe with a few alterations. 27062014_3HongKongHotpotAnyone who’s had hot pot a few times more than me, got any suggestions for ingredients?