For the Love of Legacy

My maternal grandfather was enamoured with photography and always had a camera on hand, my paternal grandmother was a historian and an author.

And me, I’m a little bit of both, I am a scrapbooker.

I love that I have similar traits to both of these wonderful people although I didn’t really embrace this hobby whole-heartedly until they had both passed away. My grandmother died of cancer when I was only twelve and my grandfather died a couple of years after I began scrapbooking when I was still deep in my product love phase and not so concerned with the quality of my photography.

Unfortunately I never got to benefit from the wisdom and skills that it took them decades to acquire. I don’t look back with regret or think of it as missed opportunity because quite frankly scrapbooking as we now know it wasn’t even around when Nan passed away and photography was not my focus when Taid* died. However I would love to be able to learn from them now and that’s what this layout is all about.


I suppose in a way it’s a bit of a memorial to my grandfather but mostly it’s a reflection of how I feel right now and a celebration of something we both love. That photo is absolutely the epitome of everything I associate with him. It just captures his life, his personality and his passion so well. He seemed like such a serene and calm man, very gentle and wise but with an earned edge of seriousness (he was a doctor and a war veteran) and swapping the cold UK for the beaches of Northern New South Wales was definitely a significant move in his lifetime. I just love photos like that, that can seemingly capture a person’s entire personality in one go. For me though it’s mostly about that camera, (you can even kind of see his camera bag slung over his shoulder) and the fact that I am totally the same these days, lugging mine around with me everywhere I go. He was a great man, and I’m lucky to share his legacy, even if it’s just this small part.


*Taid is Welsh for Grandfather.


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